Incident Management

Respect to incidents:

  1. Your safety is very important to us.
  2. We work hard to deliver safe services.
  3. But sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes people make mistakes or treat other people badly. We call these things “incidents”.
  4. This section explains how we try to prevent incidents and what we do if one happens.
  5. You can help prevent incidents happening too. Act safely. Treat other people with respect.
  6. If you don’t feel safe, tell someone about it.


  • NDIS providers must follow rules about keeping people safe. We work hard to keep everyone safe. That means you, our workers and other people in the community
  • We think about how accidents can happen and how to prevent them. This is called ‘risk management’
  • We ask you questions, and think about the supports we provide, about the places where those supports happen, about the people who work with you and other people around you
  • We want everyone to be safe, and to feel safe. If you feel unsafe, you can tell us. We promise to listen.